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“So, you really don't remember anything?” Parker asked as Shaun ate the breakfast the older man had fixed for him. Parker had allowed Shaun to sleep while fixing him breakfast, knowing he was probably hungry. The smell had woken Shaun up before Parker had entered.

“Nope.” Shaun said, tearing through a strip of bacon, “I wish I did, though. Things feel different.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your voice sounds louder, I feel sore and have a headache, and I'm tearing through this bacon like paper.” Parker had to admit, he had a point. However, that didn't always point to the obvious conclusion, as he had learned from acting as Frank.

“You're taking this all in stride.” Parker commented. Shaun shrugged.

“Why shouldn't I?” he asked, “We may never see that weird wolf again, and I can handle this.” Parker gave him a sharp look.

“Then why did you ask me to stay?”

“To keep an eye on me.” Shaun avoided the older man's eyes, “Honestly, Parker, I'm scared. What's going to happen to me? Will I be able to continue my career as a singer and an actor?” Parker could see where he was going with this.

“Shaun, it's going to be okay.” Parker told him, “I told you I'd stay with you, and I meant it. Now, is there anything else you need?”

“I don't need you being my butler.” Shaun smirked and Parker rolled his eyes, “Anyway, Mr. Butler, you can give me a checkup if you want, just no doctors.” Parker stood and went to the bathroom. Returning, he brought with him the medicine kit.

“Now, hold still.” Parker started unwrapping the bandages on Shaun's arm. Both were amazed to only find tiny scars of the bite.

“...You were right.” Shaun murmured as Parker continued to take off the bandage, “But, how? How did it heal so fast?”

“There is a chance...” Parker said as he went on to unwrap Shaun's chest. The younger man grabbed his arm, however.

“Chance of what?” he growled, bearing his teeth and eyes narrowing. Parker tried to free himself, but Shaun's grip was vice-like, and he could see that the young man's teeth had somehow gotten sharper.

“Look, I'm not sure for certain, but that could have been a werewolf we encountered.” he said, “Which makes you a werewolf now, Shaun. It's only a possibility, though.”

“Werewolves are legends; it can't be possible!” Shaun finally let go of Parker's arm and put his head in his hands. Parker laid a soothing hand on his friend's back.

“As soon as I can, I'll tell Pamela about this. She can decide.” Shaun looked sharply at Parker.

“No!” he said, straightening up, “She doesn't need to get involved! It''s bad enough you're involved.”

“I was there, and besides, I was destined to get involved, one way or another. You're my best friend, and I would notice if you acted different.” Shaun sighed, resigned.

“Fine, but leave Pamela out of this until we figure out what's going on.” Parker nodded as he finished taking off the bandages. There were no signs of any scars on Shaun's chest.

“And the concert?” Parker stuffed the used bandages in a garbage bag he had set beside the bed earlier.

“I completely forgot!” Shaun scrambled out of bed and to the closet before Parker could do anything, “Oh man, where are my suits?!”

“Hold it!” Parker pulled Shaun back, noticing that, though Shaun wasn't wearing any shoes, he was nearly as tall as Parker, “We don't have anything to do today, and your concert isn't until tonight! Back in bed, now!” Giving the older man a much darker glare, Shaun went back to sitting on the bed, crossing his arms.

“Don't think I'm staying here all day.” Shaun growled. Parker thought it sounded more animal-like than it usually would have.

“I know you aren't. We don't even know if you'll be able to go to the concert if you really are a werewolf.”

“Emphasis on 'if'.” Parker ran a hand through his hair.

“Shaun, please.” he sighed, “You need to calm down. Your anger is showing stuff I don't like, because it's proving the werewolf theory.” Instantly, Shaun stopped.

“What do you mean?”

“Your height, your growl, and your teeth; you're nearly as tall as I am without your shoes, your growl sounded animal-like, and your teeth were sharper.”

“No!” Shaun shook his head and his fists slammed the mattress, “No I'm not!” Parker grabbed Shaun's wrists, but the younger man jerked them out of his grip. Before he knew it, the older man found himself pinned to the floor by Shaun. The brown-eyed man was shaking with what Parker presumed was anger, and his eyes had changed to a bright orange color. One hand was holding down Parker's chest and he could feel the other grasping his neck, nails digging into his skin.

“I. AM. NOT. A. WEREWOLF.” he snarled, voice much deeper than before.

“Shaun,” Parker said slowly, not trying to anger his captor any more, “Please let go of me.” Shaun's grip on his neck tightened, making it harder to breathe. Parker was afraid of what Shaun would do next when the phone suddenly began to ring. It seemed to snap Shaun out of it, as he stopped shaking and blinked, eyes turning back to normal. When he saw what he was doing, however, he grew horrified and scrambled off of Parker, disappearing from the blue-eyed man's sight. After taking a few gasps of air, Parker sat up and looked around. Shaun wasn't in the room and the phone was still ringing. The closet was now closed as well. Standing, Parker went to answer the phone, which was in the kitchen. On the other line was Pamela.

“Hello, Shaun?”


“Parker? What are you doing at Shaun's place?”

“Needed to get something.”

“Where's Shaun?”

“Around.” he dodged the question, “Why are you calling?”

“I was going to ask if you two wanted to have a day out with me.” Parker glanced back to Shaun's room.

“Sorry, but not today.”

“Why not?”

“Shaun needs to rest for the concert, you know?” Parker lied, “Anyway, Pamela, we'll see you either at the concert, or tomorrow. Bye!”

“Wait-!” Parker hung up. He then went back to Shaun's room and tried the door knob to the closet. It was unlocked, but refused to open. Parker put his ear to the door and could hear faint sounds, sounds of crying. Heart aching for the brown-eyed man, Parker knocked on the door.

“Shaun?” he asked, “It's Parker. I'm okay, you didn't hurt me.”

“Yes I did!” Shaun's voice was muffled through the door, but Parker could hear it well enough, “I could have killed you!”

“But you didn't.” Parker said, “You just need time to get control of this, is all.”

“How?! My concert is tonight!”

“Stop crying then!” Parker said, “If you want to learn to control this, you have to practice!” The door was opened a crack, allowing Shaun to look at Parker.

“Not if you're here.” he said, “You'll only get hurt.” Parker softened, opening the door fully. He saw the redness around Shaun's eyes, along with the tear streaks.

“I told you I would stick by you. I don't care if I get hurt.” Parker took Shaun into a hug, “You need me, Shaun, whether you like it or not.” Shaun embraced the hug and broke, crying. His hands gripped Parker's shirt as he took in the hug, and the older man gently rubbed Shaun's back in a soothing motion and made soothing sounds. Soon enough, Shaun pulled away and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Thanks.” he said quietly, “Just...thanks.” Parker nodded.

“Anytime.” He then led Shaun to the bed, where they sat down together, “And this proves you're a werewolf now, unfortuantely.”

“That was triggered by my anger.” Shaun said, “And it's daytime. If I can manage to control my anger, I shouldn't be a danger to anyone during the day. But at night...” The brown-eyed man turned his head away. Parker slid an arm around his friends shoulders to comfort him.

“Maybe you could find something to calm the werewolf, something you like doing.” Parker suggested, “Like music or acting. Do you think that would work?”

“Maybe.” Shaun fingered the ring of his left pinky, which he always wore. Parker never understood why he wore it, and everyone he asked didn't know, either. Mentally, he wanted to ask Shaun why, but consented to shrugging.

“Anyway, who called?” The younger man asked.

“Pamela. She wanted to know if we would go out with her today. I said no, since it seems like we'll need a while to deal with all this werewolf stuff.” Shaun nodded.

“I hope we can deal with it soon.” he said, “Not just for you and the people around me, but for my family. A week ago, David, my half-brother, called to see if we could stage a meeting. We already knew each other well, of course, but he said it was for a visit, for some bonding.” Shaun's grip tightened on the ring, “I don't want the werewolf to mess that up.” Parker knew what Shaun was saying; if his brother was coming over for a visit, he wouldn't have wanted anything to get in the way, either.

“When's David coming?”

“In three weeks. We agreed on it, thinking it would give me enough time to find out when we could go out and stuff, based on the show's schedule and my own music schedule.” The older man nodded.

“It gives us enough time to deal with the werewolf.” Parker added, “Now, we have the rest of the day to come up with a plan and work on what we can do-”

“Hold on.” Shaun laid a hand on his friend's leg, “There's something else. Something about what happened a while ago, between you and me, when I attacked you.” This grabbed Parker's attention.


“When all that happened, I was still in control a bit.” Shaun sighed, “But, it felt like something was trying to take over my mind. I think it was the werewolf. It was trying to take over my body, I know, but why?” Parker's grip on his friend tightened.

“The werewolf may not like me.” he said, “And it may not want to stay inside you all the time. Be aware of it, in case it tries to do that again. If it does control you, you may never get that control back.” Shaun nodded at the warning.

“Thanks. You're a really good friend, Parker.” The older man smiled. Then, the two stood up and went to the kitchen to work on their plan. Their plan to help Shaun control his werewolf side when he needed to, and before David and Pamela found out. They'd learn about it later on, of course, but only when Shaun managed to get a handle on it.
Moonlight Acting, Ch. 2
My second chapter at last! Sorry it took so long to upload. Computer was being fussy... Anyway, I've kind of got an idea for what I want David's personality to be, and I didn't mean to make Shaun so emotional. It's just how the story turned out.

That was some good acting, Parker! Show me some tips?” Parker Stevenson rolled his eyes at Shaun Cassidy's words. They had just finished acting practice for the Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mystery series and it was quite late at night, the moon high in the sky as they left. Parker acted as Frank Hardy, Shaun acted as Joe Hardy, and their co-star, Pamela Sue Martin, acted as Nancy Drew in the series, and Shaun was already famous for his music; tomorrow he was supposed to hold another concert at a nearby auditorium.

Maybe later. Pamela was also pretty good too.” Shaun nodded.

Yeah, she was.” he agreed, “And I need to rest for my concert tomorrow.” Parker smiled.

Well, don't worry about it. I bet you'll do great. Remember, more people have been seeing your music since you started doing some of it on the show.”

Just a perk of being an actor/singer, isn't it?” Shaun grinned.

I guess, since I'm not the singer here.” Both men shared chuckles as they continued to walk, taking a few shortcuts through the alleys of the city. They had apartments in the same building as Pamela, which was why they tended to travel home together. The reason Pamela wasn't going with them this time was because she wanted to practice some more.

You know, I hope we don't end up like the Hardys out here. With all those dangerous stunts we have to pull as them, it wouldn't surprise me of someone just came out and attacked us.” Parker said; he had the feeling that they were being watched somehow, though he didn't know how, and was feeling anxious because of it. Shaun seemed to be feeling the same as he stopped to look around with some worry.

Yeah...Maybe we should hurry home.” Parker nodded.

I agree.” The actors picked up their pace as they started walking again; however, they could hear something behind them, following them. They whipped around but saw nothing.

I hate to say it, Parker, but I'm getting freaked out.”

You aren't the only one.” They turned back to start walking again when a sudden deep rumbling started behind them, making them freeze.

Is that a car?” Shaun whispered.

I don't think so. It sounds more like a growl.” Parker whispered back.

I think we should make a break for it.”


Up ahead there's a fork in the alleys, remember? Whatever it is, it can't follow both of us at once.”

I don't know-” The rumble escalated to a higher pitch, more into a growl as the thing behind them, whatever it was, got ready to attack.

We don't have a choice!” Shaun hissed, “It's now or never!” With only a nod, Parker and Shaun took off, running as fast as they could. The thing let out a bark of surprise before snarling as it took off as well, chasing them. As Shaun had said, the two split up at the fork. The thing stopped, trying to figure which man it should chase, before picking the path Shaun had gone.


After a minute, Parker stopped to catch his breath and listen, realizing he hadn't heard anything except himself since he had separated from Shaun. The only sound was of him breathing, which made him feel sick as he realized what had happened.

It chose Shaun's path! Quickly, he doubled back to find Shaun before the thing that had chased them could.


Shaun stumbled but kept running, hearing the thing behind him; it sounded more like a dog, but he knew it couldn't have been one. What dog can create a growl so low it sounded like a car's motor? And he was both grateful and angry of the fact that it had gone after him instead of Parker; the older man wouldn't be hurt, but what about himself? He heard the thing bark sharply and, on instinct, ducked as he rolled into the turn of the alley. The thing hit the brick wall with a crash and howled in anger and pain. Wait, howled?

That's no dog, it's a wolf! Shaun realized fearfully. With this new knowledge, he pushed himself to run faster, hoping the wolf didn't catch him. What was a wolf doing in the city, anyway? Was it wild or from the zoo? Either way, it was attacking him and he needed to get out of there, fast.

Suddenly, something grabbed his arm. Thinking it was the wolf, he struggled viciously as he was dragged into a side-alley, where he finally got a look at who had grabbed him.

Parker?” The older man nodded as he rubbed his jaw, which had been punched by Shaun in his struggle.

Stay quiet. That thing's getting back to its senses.” Shaun nodded and the two stayed quiet as the wolf growled, getting back to its feet. It then sniffed the air, looking for its quarry, and the two men held their breath as it passed by their hiding place. It was a huge black wolf with glowing yellow eyes, and seemed intent on finding them. In a little while it padded off, and after a few minutes, the men peeked out from their hiding place, each looking in a different direction.

It's gone.” Parker said, stepping out. Shaun followed.

Let's get out of here. It may double back.” They ran back the way Shaun had come and after a while, slowed down.

For one thing, sorry about socking you. That was an accident, since I thought you were the wolf.”

No harm done.”

And for another, what was that thing? When I tricked it, it howled like a wolf and when we saw it, it certainly looked like one. Big, black, and yellow-eyed, it wasn't friendly.”

I know. Hopefully we lost it-” Parker was interrupted as Shaun froze.

Parker...” he said uneasily, backing away as he stared ahead. Parker followed his gaze before backing away as well. The wolf had somehow gotten ahead of them and its eyes shone out of the darkness, which was what had warned them. However, it was coming closer and had started to growl. The men continued to back away until Shaun's foot stepped on a discarded glass bottle. Finding no purchase, it rolled out from under him, making Shaun lose his balance. He feel on his back and with this sudden movement, the wolf attacked, jumping on the younger man.

Shaun!” Parker shouted, scrambling to help his friend. Acting on fear and instinct, he wrapped an arm around the wolf's neck, putting it in a chokehold, and squeezed. The wolf whined at this and struggled to get out of Parker's grip, but couldn't soon blacked out from lack of air. Dragging the wolf away, Parker went to check on Shaun. The brown-eyed man was grimacing as he held his right arm, which had large bite marks on it, and five long cuts graced his chest.

Do I need to get you to a doctor?” Parker asked, pulling off his jacket the help stop the bleeding. Shaun shook his head No, and made to stand, but nearly fell; Parker had barely caught him in time.

You need a doctor!” Parker said, his tone telling Shaun that he wouldn't take No for an answer. However, Shaun shook his head once again and pulled away. Parker frowned, wondering why Shaun wouldn't go to a doctor and why he wasn't speaking.

What's wrong?” Shaun held out his arm and Parker was amazed to see that the bleeding had stopped; in fact, the wounds looked like they were already covered in scabs.

Shaun, how-?”

I don't know.” The younger man interrupted; his voice sounded hoarse for some reason, but also scared, “Something's wrong, Parker. That was no ordinary wolf, and now, I feel different. I don't like this!” Parker took pity on him and gently grabbed Shaun's left arm.

Here, I'll take you back and stay until morning. Then we can go see a doctor, okay?” Shaun only nodded and Parker led him through the alleys, hoping that Shaun was wrong.


Shaun pulled the covers over his head as sunshine shone in the room. He wasn't sure what had happened last night, but he knew he felt sore and had a headache. Had he been out drinking? He hoped not.

Hey, nice to see you awake.” The voice was a bit louder than usual, but Shaun would have recognized it anywhere.

Parker?” he asked, blinking open his eyes as he gently pulled away the covers. The sun was bright in the room and Parker was sitting on a chair beside the bed. Shaun was wondering why Parker was there and how he got in his apartment as he tried to sit up. However, the soreness and headache made that impossible, so he laid back down with a groan.

What are you doing here?” he asked weakly. Even his own voice sounded louder than usual. Parker, though, looked confused.

I told you last night, remember?” Shaun regretted shaking his head to the question, as his headache worsened, but Parker continued on, “I told you I would bring you home and stay until morning. Don't you remember anything from last night?”

Nothing.” Shaun answered, “After we left the studio, it's all a blank.”

Hmm...” Parker felt Shaun's forehead.

You don't seem to have a fever, but I should ask a doctor to come and check you out.” The word doctor, for some reason, put Shaun on edge.

Don't need one.” Shaun mumbled, “I'm fine.” Parker was not content with the response.

Really, Shaun, you need to see a doctor. First what happened last night and now you can't even remember what happened!”

What happened last night?”

A wolf attacked us. You were bit on the arm and clawed in the chest. I wanted to send you to a doctor, but you only wanted to go home. Also, your wounds healed up really fast, somehow; I don't understand it. But, in case they reopened, I bandaged them.” Shaun looked down at himself to see Parker was right. His shirt was gone and in place of it were bandages on his right arm and chest. Except for that, the rest of him had not been undressed.

You also seemed pretty spooked, too.” Parker continued, “Right after that happened, you said that the wolf wasn't ordinary, and that you felt different. Something's going on, and I don't like it.”

Do you think I like it, too?” Shaun asked, anger flaring, “I get attacked by a wolf and I can't even remember it happening!” He sat up, ignoring the soreness and headache, “I don't like this at all; in fact, I'm scared, Parker! Scared of what's happened and what will happen!” He took a deep breath, calming himself, “Just please, stay with me until this is over with. I don't want to be alone.” Parker looked at Shaun and saw that, instead of the strong man he always saw, Shaun was now a scared and frustrated boy. Parker nodded as he held Shaun's hands.

I'll stay with you through this all the way. Don't worry about it. Now, how about some breakfast?” Shaun smiled and nodded, planning to stand up with Parker, but the older man held him down.

Shaun, you're staying right here, in this bed. I don't want you getting up and walking around until we're sure you're fine.”

Okay, okay.” Shaun laid back down, but not without giving Parker a playful glare. Parker smiled before leaving the room, where Shaun soon went back to sleep.

Moonlight Acting, Ch. 1
I got this idea from robingirl and pedal, two other Deviants, who have done pictures of the actors, the 70s Hardy Boys TV Show, and stuff like that. So, I decided to write about the actors themselves with personalities similar to those of the Hardys and Nancy Drew (even though I've never ready one book with Nancy in it in my life, except for the fanfictions). I'm also planning to bring in other actors from the show later on and Shaun's brother, David Cassidy. However, I'm not sure what personality I want to give him, so please suggest some.
14 deviations made and my 6-month anniversary! YAY!!


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